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Well, St. Patrick's Day is around the corner. I hope if your in the area, you will come and celebrate with us at:

AMERICAN LEGION POST 119  The music will not start until 3pm. It will go on till 7pm. They are serving the ever famous
Corn Beef & Cabbage! 

The weather has been horrible for all of us around the country. But there's spring in the air. Here in Florida it was the worst winter
ever for us. So, now that it is looking nicer out there, we are raring to go!!!

The Wagon Wheel Flea Market has been packed with our wonderful friends from the North. I guess being here in our kind of cold 
is still better than what everyone up north had to deal with.

THE MALE REVIEW AT POST 119 (FEB. 21) was an incredible success. They broke their record for donations.
The men were awesome! We had:
A Latin Beauty dancing around the club to "The Conga
A Sweet, Roaring Twenties Gal sporting her roaring 20's outfit to "Sweet Georgia Brown"
A Sexy Belly Dancer wiggling her way around to "Little Latin Lupi Loop"
A Cavegirl-sporting women's rights...She had the club..prancing around with The Lion Sleeps Tonight
A French Gal...ooh la la was it Marie Levoue?
Oh my, we can't forget about Dolly Parton!!! Struttin' to 9-5
A Nurse checking everyone out to Bad Case Of  Lovin' You (Dr. Dr.)
A Hawaiian Beauty rockin her stuff to "Rock-A-Hula"
Ms Santa Claus...naughty or nice?????? "Santa Baby"
The Sexy Lady Dressed in Black...prancing around to "I'm Too Sexy"
A Ballerina tip toeing to "Don't Mess with My Toot Toot (TuTu) LOL
A Sexy Chick garnished in Gold & White...Nice Girl? No Way..."Trashy Women"
And Little Miss Pinky Shaking her booty to "Mambo #5"

All of these wonderful men volunteered they time to do such a wonderful job to entertain us, and make money for their
meaningful projects. Thank You!!!!

We also want to thank Bob Archer for running the sound. Great Job!!!

Doing a show at EAST BAY OAKS Feb. 13, was fun! The place was packed. Everyone was decked out in red.
One of the women even made red heart corsages for all the women who came. Very nice indeed. The clubhouse was
decked out in tinsel, hearts, and fun and laughter.

Down Yonder
was also having their Valentines Party! Everyone looking magnificent. The music went into a little overtime, because 
they were all having too much fun!! Plenty of line dancing to go around too! Some visitors from other Parks...nice! And a couple of
men stripping a bit???? Hmm... 

St. Pete Beach Yacht & Tennis Club Wow, do they know how to party!!! And the clubhouse is absolutely beautiful. The view of 
that gorgeous water all around us. They danced and danced, and not one single person left till the very end. We like that!

American Legion Post 119 is going strong and we are having way too much fun. The food is fab. The people are the best. 
We want to thank some new comers from Buffalo NY for stopping by and a few from Post 7.  Always a special treat to see you!

Wanted to also thank one of my biggest fans "Donald Floyd." He is a very talented artist. He creates cards that are magnificent.
I have received a few from him, and they are breath taking. Thank you!!!!

March is a very busy month for performing, and hope to see as many of you as possible. It makes performing worthwhile!

Below is the March schedule



Sincerely, in Music

     Anne Marie